Cloud-Based Service Economy is The New Reality

It’s just configuring stuff… big deal…
September 14, 2016
Outsourcing Relationships and Salesforce Administration
September 14, 2016

Many traditional businesses are waking up to a new economic reality, where workers want more flexible work schedules, more work-life balance, better benefits, and of course a ‘happier’ work environment. Much is being written about the “millennials” entering the workforce, with vastly different expectations from what’s being offered in traditional work environments.

For observers and economists alike, it comes as little surprise that the modern workforce is morphing in to a service-based workforce, shedding the traditional notion of 9-5 “desk” jobs. No, the modern “knowledge worker” has so much more to offer, and does not want to be limited to working with one company.

These modern workers are more entrepreneurial, more tech savvy, more socially aware, more willing to align their skills and experiences with this emerging economic shift.

We here @forceninjas subscribe to this way of life. We love that “the cloud” and “SAAS” have enabled us to work closely with many companies, virtually and personally, to help them be more successful with their platform. Our customers should focus all their energy on running and growing their businesses, while trusting us, their cloud-based partner, to ensure their salesforce platform is humming along smoothly.

Companies across the US are starting to realize the benefits of virtual cloud teams, from extreme cost effectiveness to broader access to skills and experience, no matter what time zone or industry they operate in. With so many tools and services making a major push in to the cloud (IBM, Amazon, Cisco, DELL, etc..), it is a natural progression to also consider virtual, cloud-based partners for your business.

If you are struggling with the management of your salesforce platform, or are lacking the proper in-house skills to grow your platform, or if you are simply looking to maximize your ROI, then we should talk. We are offering a free business assessment that will give you a complete picture of your salesforce platform utilization, along with any major gaps that you may want to build out.