Managed Salesforce Admin Service for Digital Transformation

Setup, Manage & Scale Salesforce to Grow Your Business 

Salesforce is Awesome!

But You Have to Work to Make It the "Single Source of Truth"

  • 58% of Salesforce users don’t trust the data.
  • Data handling needs to be compliant with GDPR and CCPA standards.
  • Your data loses value when processes are not updated.
  • Salesforce is more valuable when your entire team uses it.
  • Customizing Salesforce & adding 3rd party applications is hard.
  • Keeping reports clean and insightful is difficult.
  • Your team needs immediate help when things change.

What Are Your Options for Help?

Share the Responsibility

  • Purchase Salesforce Premier Support
  • Work with Support Agents that Don’t Understand Your Business
  • Wait for Response through Support Ticket Portal for Your Questions
  • Independently Contact Support, Get Trained & Navigate Trailhead
  • Take Away from Other Duties 

Hire A Fulltime Admin

  • Costs of a Full-time Employee
  • Costs for Continuous Training, Certification & Development
  • Take Away from Other Priorities
  • Additional Salesforce Support Costs
  • Independently Learn and Integrate 3rd Party Applications

Admin As A Service

  • Save Costs, Time & Resources
  • Shared Knowledge & Best Practices
  • Training & On-demand Salesforce Help 
  • Balance Business Needs and Software Requirements
  • Partner for the Long Term
  • Advise & Customize Salesforce & 3rd Party Applications for Your Business

Say "Hello" to CRMNinjas

We believe that businesses should focus on delivering amazing products and services, and not be burdened with the day-to-day management of Salesforce. Our Ninjas are trained to do just that. We will help you to:
1. Implement or fix your sales processes
2. Increase R.O.I. and Lead conversion through process automation
3. Improve data quality through best-practice controls
4. Improve your customer relationships (single source of truth)
5. Develop actionable sales forecasts & sales pipelines
6. Provide insights in to your data with business intelligence & data analytics

Salesforce Certified Partners

9.6 Out of 10 Client Satisfaction Rating



Our CloudAdmin® packages are designed to help you have a Salesforce admin on hand to train, manage and grow Salesforce for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own administrator.

Consulting & Development

Our experts are here to understand your business and advise you on the best path to convert legacy, manual processes into the Salesforce digital ecosystem. We help you evaluate the right customizations and 3rd party applications that make Salesforce your competitive advantage.


  • “Utilizing an experienced salesforce admin via the CloudAdmin® managed service has enabled us to take salesforce to the next level.”
    Marty Kelly
    WhiteHawk Sales Partners
  • “Our rapidly growing salesforce instance requires experienced management and close collaboration with business stakeholders. CRMNinjas’ CloudAdmins® are responsive, understand our business, and help us be successful with our salesforce initiatives.”
  • “CRMNinjas' CloudAdmins are an important part of our daily salesforce operations. They have been integral in helping us connect other systems and help support our growing need for data analysis and reporting.”

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