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August 15, 2023
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April 25, 2024

Your competitors use Salesforce better than you. The skill gap is throttling your ROI and is why scaling companies are turning to Salesforce outsourcing companies and Admin-as-a-Service (AaaS) providers for cost-efficient expertise.

Salesforce is a powerful platform. But fully leveraging its capabilities and integrating business practices into your current workflow requires time and in-depth experience with the CRM — qualities that not every company has in-house and would struggle to justify onboarding. 

This article covers:

  • Salesforce Administration & Outsourcing
  • The difference between Outsourcing, Consulting, AaaS
  • Strategic advantages of AaaS

The right partner will bridge the skill gap in customer relationship management between you and your competition and unlock the CRM platform potential you’re already paying for. 

Let’s explore how alternative solutions like AaaS can transform your Salesforce strategy and efficiency.

Salesforce Administration & Third-Party Solutions

Salesforce is a cornerstone for customer relationship management. But it’s not just about having the software; it’s about making it work effectively for your business’s unique needs.

When fully leveraged appropriately, Salesforce provides seamless and automated workflows for collaboration between sales, marketing and customer service. However, getting to this level of implementation requires in-depth knowledge of the platform and CRM management.

This expertise is typically in the form of Salesforce administrators responsible for adoption, personalization, training, and security and data compliance. The dilemma is that this work requires more than an informal, part-time investment by somebody on your staff, and many organizations struggle to justify onboarding a full-time expert.

Salesforce Outsourcing, Consulting, AaaS: What’s the Difference? 

The costly overhead of hiring a full-time administrator or purchasing Salesforce Premium support is why companies are now turning to alternatives to enhance their Salesforce capabilities. 

These alternatives include traditional services like outsourcing and consulting. However, AaaS stands apart in its approach to in-depth partnership, and lifetime value.

  • Salesforce outsourcing involves hiring external vendors or freelancers for project-specific tasks and development.
  • Consultants are retained to provide expert advice and strategy for project-specific needs, design, and implementation.
  • Admin-as-a-Service (AaaS) provides businesses with ongoing comprehensive administrative Salesforce support, operating day-to-day management, maintenance and user support and providing insights for workflow improvements and optimization. 

The real power of AaaS lies in enjoying all three disciplines (as listed) in one managed service; one partner, one workflow, all covered. This unified approach simplifies managing Salesforce and offers companies the advantage of having a single, dedicated partner overseeing all aspects of their Salesforce ecosystem.

With CRMNinjas, businesses can experience a streamlined workflow, eliminating the need to juggle multiple relationships and ensuring a consistent, cohesive strategy. The true value lies in the efficiency gained from having one partner providing ongoing administrative support, expert advice, and strategic insights, all working harmoniously to enhance the lifetime value of the Salesforce investment.

Tailored Expertise

Unlike generic outsourcing, where the focus might be on task completion, AaaS provides specialized Salesforce expertise tailored to your business’s unique challenges and objectives. AaaS teams dive deep into your processes, ensuring Salesforce is optimized for your specific needs.

Strategic Partnership

Consulting often delivers high-level strategies without ongoing implementation support. AaaS, on the other hand, is a continuous partnership. Your AaaS partner is with you every step of the way, from strategy development to execution and ongoing optimization.


Traditional consulting can come with a hefty price tag for strategy development, with additional costs for implementation. AaaS offers a more budget-friendly model by integrating strategic advice with hands-on management, all within a predictable pricing structure.

Flexibility and Scalability

Businesses evolve, and so do their Salesforce needs. AaaS provides the flexibility to scale your Salesforce support up or down based on your current business requirements without hiring or training new staff.

Access to a Team of Experts

With AaaS, you’re not relying on a single consultant or freelancer. You can access a team of professionals with a broad spectrum of skills and experiences. This collective expertise means you benefit from best practices and the latest Salesforce innovations.

Strategic Advantages of AaaS

AaaS is not a one-size-fits-all solution — it’s a partnership that provides your business with a team of Salesforce experts dedicated to managing, optimizing, and innovating your CRM practices.

These specialists bring a wealth of experience from various industries and projects, offering insights and strategies often out of reach for in-house teams.

With AaaS, your business gains access to:

Comprehensive Salesforce Administration: From routine maintenance to complex customizations and integrations, AaaS covers all aspects of Salesforce administration, ensuring your CRM runs smoothly and efficiently.

Strategic CRM Consulting: Beyond technical support, AaaS partners provide strategic consulting to help you leverage Salesforce to its fullest potential, aligning it with your business objectives for maximum ROI.

Continuous Optimization: The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and so are your business needs. AaaS ensures your Salesforce environment adapts and grows with you, implementing best practices and innovations that keep you ahead of the curve.

By partnering with an AaaS provider, you’re not just outsourcing tasks — you’re enhancing your team with a collective of Salesforce experts committed to your success. This collaboration not only closes the skill gap but also transforms Salesforce from a mere tool to a strategic asset that drives growth and competitive advantage.

AaaS with CRMNinjas CloudAdmin®

CRMNinjas’ AaaS solution, known as CloudAdmin®, is tailored for scaling organizations seeking to unlock the full potential of Salesforce while capturing massive cost savings over a full-time admin.

CRMNinjas is a U.S.-based business with a commitment to establishing long-term partnerships built on trust and competence. Our team of dedicated admins, all based in the U.S. and strategically positioned to cover all U.S. time zones, ensures that your Salesforce ecosystem is fully personalized for your workflow and continuously operates according to best practices.

Interested in finding out how to CRMNinjas can help your organization finally master Salesforce? Schedule a consultation to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Salesforce outsourcing company?

A Salesforce outsourcing company is an external service provider that businesses hire to manage specific Salesforce-related tasks, projects, or development needs. These companies offer specialized skills to implement, customize, or optimize a company’s Salesforce CRM system on a project basis.

What is Salesforce consulting?

Salesforce consulting involves expert advisors who specialize in Salesforce CRM, offering strategic guidance, system design, and implementation services. Consultants help businesses tailor Salesforce solutions to their unique requirements, aiming to maximize efficiency, performance, and return on investment.

What is AaaS?

Admin-as-a-Service (AaaS) is a subscription-based model providing businesses with ongoing, comprehensive administrative support for their Salesforce environments. It covers day-to-day management, maintenance, user support, and strategic insights for workflow improvements and system optimization.

What is the Difference between AaaS and outsourcing and consulting?

AaaS offers a more holistic and continuous support model compared to the project-based nature of outsourcing and the strategic, but often temporary, focus of consulting. It provides the benefits of both approaches with none of their limitations, ensuring ongoing optimization, strategic growth alignment, and a deeper understanding of a company’s Salesforce environment. AaaS adapts to a business’s evolving needs, offering scalability, cost-effectiveness, and a partnership approach for long-term Salesforce success.