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December 23, 2019
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Salesforce is the technological backbone of many successful companies with the power to drive digital transformation and business innovations. The platform supports the personalized experience that your customers expect from modern businesses. 

Salesforce promises a 360-degree view of your customers, with powerful features for sales, marketing, service, commerce, and virtually every aspect of your business. 

Salesforce is a significant investment. You will never fully realize the return on investment without a knowledgeable and certified Salesforce Admin. You can’t afford to just “wing it”.

What is a Salesforce Administrator?

A Salesforce Administrator ensures that Salesforce is the single source of truth for the business, and it fully realizes the promise of the 360 view of customers from lead to renewal. They implement business processes, create automation, and generate reports to help teams be efficient and make data-driven decisions. They fix security problems and make sure data handling is compliant with the latest regulations. Admins create requirements for developers and evaluate the best 3rd party applications for the company. They also train and support all users of Salesforce to ensure they are happy and satisfied users. They can personalize the Salesforce experience for the business to ensure wide adoption. The Salesforce Admin makes sure the business maximizes their Salesforce investment. 

What are your top options for a competent Salesforce Administrator?

Hire a Full-Time Salesforce Administrator

Pro: A full-time Salesforce Administrator is a dedicated employee on-staff that is familiar with your business needs and requirements. You have easy access to the person if you need training, support, and business process adjustments. They are available anytime and solve problems immediately.

Con: A full-time Salesforce Administrator requires businesses to invest in recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and managing without the guarantee that person will know of how to best manage the Salesforce platform and ecosystem of applications. Businesses will invest in managing a full-time employee, as well as ongoing training, and continuing education. That investment is lost when the person walks out the door, leaving you stuck and having to start again.

Assign Salesforce Administrator Tasks to a Current Staff Member

Pro: Sharing responsibilities can be great for mitigating the overall costs, while still maintaining the technical skills on-site.

Con: When you delegate more tasks to a current staff member, you’re undermining his/her effectiveness in all areas of responsibility. Beyond just the obvious impact on productivity, you face high costs for training, certification, and related expenses for a part-time Salesforce Admin. You may experience stagnant usage, broken processes, and a lack of data integrity because a part-time Salesforce Admin role is not able to fully enforce best practices. While Salesforce is a powerful platform that is continuously improving, a part-time solution is simply unable to keep up with the demands and constant changes. It would even be a challenge for senior, full-time administrators.  

Purchase Salesforce Premium Support

Pro: When you purchase premium support, you have access to knowledgeable tech support. The response time varies but the next business day is typical. 

Con: You don’t have a dedicated resource that understands your business needs and requirements. They also don’t advise you on how to grow your Salesforce usage and integrate 3rd party applications. 

Support just answers your questions and expects you to have a certain level of knowledge or background to start with. Premium support does not include any training or release support, nor does it include  Salesforce Administrator services. 

Admin-As-A-Service, via CRMNinjas’ CloudAdmin®

Pro: The CloudAdmin® team becomes a partner. Learn more about the different options offered. They offer managed services to help your business grow, and on-demand help and support. As part of the standard package, you have access to customized release support and a full platform Salesforce Administrator. Of particular benefit is the training, but you’ll also have access to a dedicated admin who learns your business and platform requirements plus they implement best practices for your business. CloudAdmin provides peace of mind continuity even when people leave.

Your CloudAdmin® team works with you on implementing best practices and best applications based on your current and future business needs. We can also develop a strategic plan for improving the adoption of Salesforce across your organization maximizing your investment.

  • Sales Processes Best Practices
  • Data Integrity Management
  • Configure Price Quote
  • Organizational Adoption & Training
  • Marketing Cloud Integration
  • Setup Salesforce Communities

Con: CloudAdmin® is not for every company. The ideal stage for CloudAdmin® is for growing startups, medium-size, and even some enterprise businesses, where the sales team is large and growing. The company needs a tighter integration of marketing, operations and success teams for a 360 view of the customer. These are keys for business success today.

At the startup stage and a mighty-team of two to four, you just need someone to help set up Salesforce with solid processes for basic CRM management. At this stage, you barely have a team. Having an administrator is something you wouldn’t be able to afford. CRMNinjas can obviously help with setup and make sure to guide you till you get to the point of needing CloudAdmin®.

You start seeing the need to have an on-site team of admins and developers for 24/7 support in-house at the enterprise level. CloudAdmin® can support this stage, but companies will definitely see the need to hire teams. CloudAdmin® makes life easier as you get to that stage because data integrity, processes, and best practices have been institutionalized.

What Sets CRMNinjas’ CloudAdmin® Apart?

CloudAdmin® is the most cost-effective and flexible option. It’s designed to grow with your needs and requirements. It’s perfect for companies just breaking out, but it’s also ideal for companies who are faced with a monumental mess. If your Salesforce implementation is stale, error-ridden, underutilized, or just confusing, we can turn it all around for you.

The CloudAdmin® team is dedicated to your evolving needs as you grow through the years. We work to earn your trust, fulfill your Salesforce Administrator needs, and exceed your expectations. We apply best-practice concepts to address your business concerns. Our goal is to help you improve and expand your business.