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Salesforce is a powerful platform when implemented and used properly. Too often, we see companies and sales teams struggle to maximize their Salesforce investment. Companies trying to “go it alone” oftentimes experience the following:

  • Waste time trying to find answers through Trailhead
  • Spend days trying to get answers through Salesforce’s ticketing system
  • Invest hours on webinars and YouTube videos
  • Struggle to share knowledge across their teams
  • Use Premium support to get answers that you can’t implement

While some of these resources can be helpful, they lack the context of your business processes, and will not give you the necessary skills and deep experience required to find success.

The bottom line:

You need help “now” and don’t have time for team training, learning an entire platform, or simply winging it.

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CRMNinjas is offering Salesforce help for businesses.

  • User & process training
  • Platform admin support
  • 3rd party applications
  • Release support

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