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January 20, 2021
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Salesforce CRM is a robust, feature-rich enterprise software product that offers a lot of functionality. Here’s why you need a consultant to help you make the most of it.

Salesforce is one of the most popular customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions in the world. Many of the biggest companies, including IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle, use this comprehensive CRM, and Salesforce’s list of clients just keeps growing. The platform has over 100,000 customers and adds about 10,000 new customers every month. 

While Salesforce isn’t the only CRM around, its popularity has everything to do with its complex, comprehensive approach to managing customer relationships. If you’re thinking about adding your business to the roster of Salesforce CRM companies, it’s a great idea to hire a consultant to help you get started. Here are a few reasons why.

You’re going to need help.

Salesforce is more than just a tracking system. It’s a complete ecosystem for managing customer relationships, and it requires expertise at several levels for you to get the most from your investment. 

Unless your staff is already well versed in Salesforce, you’re probably going to need help with defining your company’s Salesforce strategy and setting up your infrastructure the right way. Even if they are well versed, chances are they have plates full of work that matters to your company and don’t have the capacity to take on a full-scale CRM implementation without impacting their productivity doing work for you and your customers.

Salesforce consultants, on the other hand, dedicate their time to saving your company time and money. They know the right questions to ask so they can set up your instance the right way without wasting time and resources on trial-and-error setups. They know how to choose which iterations to launch first to get your system up and running quickly, and they can roll out functionality in waves or all at once to help your company adjust to an entire framework within Salesforce.

It’s not just about the software.

While software setup is important, knowledge is even more important. Salesforce consultants know the latest versions of the software better than anybody else, so they can help you get the most from your CRM. They also know how to integrate Salesforce with your current systems and identify which features align best for your industry, from Salesforce’s own clouds and pre-defined, industry-specific models to enterprise development to address your specific niche market. 

It’s about your company culture.

Any software is only as good as the people and processes it supports — your company culture. Salesforce consultants get acquainted with your company culture, and they’re outside it enough to see around past issues to find solutions. They use this perspective to help you choose whether the CRM is right for your company. Salesforce is popular, but it may not be the right fit for what you do. A good consultant will save you the time, investment, and effort of going down the wrong path.

If Salesforce is the right call, consultants then help you decide which solutions fit in best with your company’s personality and workflows, then show you how to implement and absorb Salesforce into how your people work in real life. Consultants usually offer training to infuse these new processes into your team’s workflow and help your staff get comfortable using the software.

Get it right from the start.

Deciding to integrate a complex CRM into your company’s workflow can feel challenging. With the layers of offerings from Salesforce and other CRMs — from turnkey cloud solutions to multilayer, customized solutions that talk to your company’s legacy systems or meet stringent business codes — you may not even know where to start.

Consultants who specialize in CRMs understand how valuable it is to start with the right foundation. They’ll help you avoid costly mistakes and get the most from your investment. They also have proven processes for choosing the right balance for a variety of companies, which lets you focus on identifying the needs a CRM needs to fulfill to make sure your company succeeds.

Plus, working with consultants from the beginning means you’ll end up with a higher-quality outcome the first time you implement Salesforce at your company. This sets up your team for success and a willingness to work within this new ecosystem. A system that doesn’t work right the first time loses the trust of your workers. To protect your investment in this CRM, you need it to be trustworthy.

When you’re ready to bring a new CRM into your company’s culture, talk to consultants. They can make the most of your company’s time and money to evolve your relationship management the right way.

CRMNinjas provides consulting and managed services for Salesforce sales cloud and service cloud by certified professionals. We write about how CRMs are transforming the business world. Feel free to contact us to learn how Salesforce can be used to transform your business. 

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