Salesforce Is What We Love!

Outsourcing Relationships and Salesforce Administration
September 14, 2016
Salesforce Winter ‘20 Release Highlights – Part I
November 4, 2019

I love the platform. It’s truly an amazing “ecosystem” that has the potential to supercharge any business, small or large. It’s versatility, extendability and sheer breadth of features and functions is impressive.

I have personally experienced how implementing business processes and best practices around the platform has fundamentally changed how businesses operate. When done right, it literally becomes part of a company’s culture. It’s rare that one can say such positive things about technology today, especially in a business environment. Many “users” have a love-hate relationship with the tools they are forced to to use. Oftentimes they are difficult to use, overly technical, or just do not meet the true needs of its users.

With salesforce, much of that friction is eliminated. When done right, business processes can be automated and integrated in ways that makes the platform “just work” and get out of the way of employees doing their job.

Salesforce has so much to offer, and its quarterly feature updates and enhancements continue to drive more value for its user community. We here @forceninjas make it our mission to help organizations maximize their investment, by not only providing complete administrative services, but also helping them realizing their full potential.

A great example is the recent release of the salesforce “Spring ’16” update. It is full of enhancements and strong new features that every business should review to see how they might be utilized to drive business process improvements.

For a non-technical, business-centric review of the Spring ’16 release, you can check out our report here.