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January 20, 2021
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Learn how outsourcing empowers companies to strategically onboard Salesforce to rapidly see ROI and avoid pitfalls

Salesforce is two-edged sword — powerful and complex.

When fully embraced, the customer relationship management (CRM) platform supercharges sales teams with automation, insights, and outreach tools. 

But, achieving this level of performance is a winding road with severe challenges in configuring Salesforce to accommodate different workflows and industries — not to mention the need for adequate training and ongoing administration.

Whether launching a new venture with Salesforce or adopting it in an established business, implementation is critical when defining the platform’s long-term success, promoting staff buy-in, and fast-tracking your return on investment.

Salesforce services, such as consulting and Administration-as-a-Service (AaaS), help organizations eliminate wasted time and money on trial and error. Contracting with a trusted Salesforce Certified Partner, like CRMNinjas, is one of the top recommendations by experts for successful adoption.

In this article, you will learn:

  • The pivotal role of strategic consulting in Salesforce implementation.
  • Strategies for fostering effective adoption of Salesforce across your team.
  • How consulting ensures ongoing Salesforce success and ROI.

As we delve into the world of Salesforce strategic consulting, we’ll uncover how this specialized guidance is pivotal in transforming your CRM implementation into a resounding success.

Salesforce Is A Force To Reckon With

Among the top CRM solutions in the world, Salesforce partners with some of the largested tech companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle, to deliver one of the most comprehensive sales and and marketing management platforms

Salesforce has over 150,000 customers globally and supports some of the largest cooperations, including Walmart and Amazon Web Services.

While Salesforce isn’t the only CRM provider around, its popularity has everything to do with its complex, comprehensive approach to managing customer relationships.

With this scale of ability and performance, the question isn’t whether Salesforce is the right tool; the question is whether your company has the resources needed to temper the platform into an effective tool that propels your operations rather than smothers them.

If you’re thinking about adding your business to the Salesforce CRM company roster, it’s a great idea to hire a consultant to help you get started. Here are a few reasons why.

With The Right Help, Your Company Can Command Salesforce

Salesforce is more than just a tracking system. It’s a complete ecosystem for enriching customer relationships. 

This means you need expertise at several levels to get the most from your investment.

Unless your staff is already well-versed in Salesforce, you’ll need help defining your company’s Salesforce strategy and setting up your infrastructure correctly. 

Even if they are well-versed, chances are their plates are already full of responsibilities critical to ongoing operations. 

Tossing on a full-scale CRM implementation and ongoing administration will derail productivity for the company and your customers. This approach sets up good employees for failure and burnout.

Salesforce consultants and AaaS providers dedicate their time to saving your company time and money. Agencies offer a range of benefits:

  • Get Salesforce up and running quickly
  • They ask the right questions to intentionally design and strategize set-up
  • Have proper bandwidth to dedicate to development and accuracy
  • Experts with the required skills to properly engineer and deploy infrastructure from the ground up
  • Experience with software roll-outs to efficiently scale and introduce functionality based on organizational needs.
  • Eliminating wasted time and resources on trial-and-error setups.

Salesforce Strategic Consulting Brings Experience, Not Just Ability

While software setup is important, professional experience and on-the-ground insights are even more important. 

There is an ever-growing catalog of software and applications out there. Salesforce consultants know the latest versions better than anyone and excel in translating the platform’s robust capabilities into practical applications for your business.

Consultants also bring a strategic eye to the integration process, identifying ways to weave Salesforce best practices into the fabric of your current systems.

Strategic Salesforce Implementation Requires Blending Personalization & Standardization

Any software is only as good as the people and processes it supports. While Salesforce is popular, not every approach will be the right fit for what you do. 

A good consultant will save you the time, investment, and effort of going down the wrong path. Providers should both work with teams toward personalization and identify areas in their operations that can benefit from standardization.

This nuanced approach requires an agency to take the time and effort to become acquainted with a company’s culture. Bringing an outside perspective allows consultants to see past sticking points, identify pitfalls and address out-of-touch processes.

Consultants help companies decide which solutions best suit their company’s personality and 

workflows. They then show you how to implement and absorb Salesforce into how your people work in real life.

Salesforce Productivity Requires Training & Practical Application 

Salesforce consultants are crucial in transitioning from theoretical understanding to real-world knowledge, bridging the gap between the platform’s capabilities and your team’s daily operations.

This is a critical benefit to ensure Salesforce actually becomes a tool that enhances productivity and not a stumbling block.

AaaS providers, like CRMNinjas, offer clients specialized training to help team members not only understand Salesforce’s features but also how to apply them effectively in their day-to-day tasks.

Tailored Training Sessions — Salesforce strategic consulting assesses your current proficiency and implements training to meet them where they are. This is helpful whether your staff is encountering Salesforce for the first time or looking to further deepen expertise.

Practical Application in Daily Operations

The ultimate goal of Salesforce training is to offer the knowledge and experience to confidently and dependently use the software. Consultants assist with practical application, demonstrating how Salesforce’s features can solve and streamline real-world tasks. 

Deploy Salesforce the Right Way from the State

Integrating a complex CRM into your company’s workflow is challenging. Numerous layers of Salesforce offerings, such as turnkey cloud integrations and customizable solutions, make it difficult for the average organization to even know where to start.

Integrating Salesforce the right way from the start sets the tone for the software’s long-term success with you company. This reduces lost investments due to mistakes and required remediation as well as mitigates time loss and frustration by removing revolving doors of trial and error.

Expert Salesforce consultants understand how important it is to start onboarding with the right foundation. They’ll help you avoid costly mistakes and get the most from your investment. They also have proven processes for choosing the right balance for a variety of companies, which lets you focus on identifying the needs a CRM needs to fulfill to make sure your company succeeds.

Working with consultants from the beginning means you’ll end up with a higher-quality outcome the first time you implement Salesforce at your company. This sets up your team for success and a willingness to work within this new ecosystem. A system that doesn’t work right the first time loses the trust of your workers. To protect your investment in this CRM, you need it to be trustworthy.

Partner with CRMNinja to Ace Your Salesforce Adoption

Unless you’re paying a full-time expert, success for Salesforce implementation and adoption lies in strategic consulting. 

With a 9.6/10 client satisfaction rating, CRMNinjas is a leading AaaS provider for Salesforce, specializing in long-term consulting and management without the typical overhead and expense of an administrator.

Don’t let the potential of Salesforce CRM go untapped while you get tossed around in trial-and-error cycles. CRMNinjas help you rapidly realize Salesforce’s ROI potential, equipping you to begin effeciently nurturing leads and cultivating client relationships through the platform’s features.

Contact CRMNinjas today to learn how our consulting and managed services can turn Salesforce into your most powerful business ally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Salesforce consulting worth it?

Yes, Salesforce consulting and administration-as-a-service (AaaS) are considered worth it for businesses looking to maximize their investment in the platform without the expense and overhead of a dedicated, full-time employee.

What does a Salesforce consultant do?

Salesforce consultants provide expert guidance on best practices, strategic implementation, customization, and user training, which are crucial for successful adoption and optimization of the platform.